AWS Lambda TypeError - "x() takes no arguments (2 given)"

I guess I didn't read the documentation thoroughly enough. (Actually, I hadn't read it at all.)

I had some wonderful code that worked on my local machine. I was excited to see it up and running on AWS Lambda (especially since Lambda is free...) but when I tried to run the script, it constantly threw the following error on AWS Lambda:

  "stackTrace": [
      "result = request_handler(json_input, context)"
  "errorType": "TypeError",
  "errorMessage": "tweeter() takes no arguments (2 given)"

What could it mean?

When you deploy a Python script to Lambda, you need to change your script's main function (the _handler_, in AWS-speak) to accept the parameters (event, context). These parameters pass in event data and runtime information to the function.

Problem solved.